school bus

It is Bus Driver Appreciation Week and we want to take a minute to thank our drivers for the amazing job they do in transporting our students to and from school and all activities. School buses are the safest form of transportation that one can take and this has a direct correlation between the safety and our drivers. They do a phenomenal job and we would encourage everyone to give them an extra thank you throughout this week.

Our daily route drivers include Randy Ainsworth, Jake Englebert, Renee Sederlin, and Josh Garst. Our current substitute drivers include Todd Allen and Ed Carlgren. We also have Richard Cox that drives to cross country meets. Take a moment to thank them for keeping our students safe during transport.

Also, while we have your attention—please remember that when a bus is stopped, with the stop arm out and flashing red lights—you are to stop until that arm is back in and that means it is safe. No matter what direction you are traveling, you should stop and honor the stop arm that is showing. Thank you for your attention to this concern. You may be saving a life.

Steve Joonas

Superintendent of Schools