Thank you New Parents for beginning the process of enrolling your student with Pike Valley USD 426.

Below are instructions to complete the enrollment process.

Step 1: If you are an out of district family needing transportation contact the Pike Valley district office and email it back to otherwise proceed to step 2.

Step 2: Click on the New Student Link at the bottom of the page and pre-register your child.

Step 3: Set up a PowerSchool account
If you do not already have a PowerSchool account, you can set one up by doing
the following:
a. Open the internet browser on your computer
b. Type into the address bar (or use the link found on the Quicklinks at )
c. Click on "Create New User" Tab
d. Fill in the information requested for your desired username and password.
e. Enter your student's full name, Access ID and Password (see below). New students will need to contact the school to get this information.

Student Name:  

Access ID:   

Access Password:  


These are case sensitive! No worries, once you've created this account you won't need these passwords again!

Step 4. Once you have set up your online parent account you need to complete Enrollment forms

In PowerSchool, select the student you are enrolling and click on the
Forms link with the left navigation menu.

Step 5: You are required to provide documentation of the student's birth with proof of age. Please attach proofs of birth, and proofs of immunizations to one of the emails listed below. **You can send a picture of the documentation to:



We are also available in the office from 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM on August 4th, 7th or 8th.

If you have questions, please contact

Junior High/High School: or call 785-335-2294

Elementary School: or call 785-374-4221

Thank you.

New Student Registration Link: